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Carpal Tunnel Surgery in Las Vegas, NV

Patients who experience frequent tingling or pain in their wrist may be suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome. Uncomfortable sensations result from pressure placed on the median nerve, which triggers both pain and swelling, reducing the quality of life. Many patients claim that they are severely limited in what they can do from day to day.

Open Release Surgery Is an Ideal Treatment for Las Vegas, NV, Residents with Carpal Tunnel

Patients can be treated for carpal tunnel syndrome through open release surgery. The surgeon cuts the transverse carpal ligament, which releases pressure on the median nerve and reduces the symptoms of carpal tunnel. In some cases, patients experience less pain than they did before, and some patients experience no pain.

When Patients Do Not Respond to Non-Surgical Treatments, They Should Consider Carpal Tunnel Surgery

Dr. Carl N. Williams Jr. offers carpal tunnel treatments for residents of Las Vegas, NV. His treatments are ideal for patients who have been suffering from carpal tunnel for a long time and have not responded to non-surgical treatments. Dr. Williams will minimize the pain that the patient feels by using anesthesia and by using the best carpal tunnel surgery practices.

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