Carpal Tunnel

Dr. Carl N. Williams, Jr. offers carpal tunnel surgery to patients in Las Vegas, Henderson, Paradise, Spring Valley, North Las Vegas and Sunrise Manor, as well as the surrounding areas of Nevada.

What can Cause Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Many people believe that carpal tunnel is caused from repetitive movements of the wrist and hand such as writing and typing. However, there is little data to back up this belief. Carpal tunnel has been shown to be caused from many factors, including the following:

  • Trauma or injury to the wrist
  • Over activity of pituitary gland
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Fluid retention during pregnancy/menopause

Am I a Good Candidate for Carpal Tunnel Surgery in Henderson?

There are many treatments for carpal tunnel syndrome. For patients that have the following characteristics, carpal tunnel surgery may be the best option:

  • Symptoms that have lasted over 10 months
  • Numbness
  • During a Phalen’s test, symptoms occur within 30 seconds
  • Patients over 50 years old
  • Muscles begin to shrink the base of the palm

How is Carpal Tunnel Surgery in Las Vegas Performed?

There are various methods for carpal tunnel surgery, depending on your personal anatomy and the severity of your case. The three most common techniques for surgery are:

  • Open Release Surgery: Dr. Williams will cut the carpal ligament free from the medial nerve to
    relieve the pressure.
  • Mini Open Approach: in this approach, the incision is only an inch and Dr. Williams can still have a
    direct view.
  • Endoscopic: two small incisions are made so a camera can be used to cut the proper ligament.

To see which surgical method is right for you, call today to schedule your carpal tunnel consultation in Nevada.

How Much Does Carpal Tunnel Surgery in Spring Valley Cost?

The cost for carpal tunnel will vary depending on the method of surgery used. Contact your insurance provider to see if any of your treatment is covered. We are happy to discuss all of your pricing and financing options at your initial consultation.

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