Skin Tag Removal

Dr. Carl N. Williams, Jr. offers skin tag removal surgery to patients in Las Vegas, Henderson, Paradise, Spring Valley, North Las Vegas and Sunrise Manor, as well as the surrounding areas of Nevada.

You may have noticed flesh colored tissue projecting from your hands-these are called skin tags. Skin tags are not cancerous or health hazardous, but they can be unsightly and uncomfortable. Dr. Williams has helped many patients to get rid of their unwanted skin tags. You use your hands for virtually everything; the last thing you want people to see is skin tags.

What Are My Options for Skin Tag Removal in Las Vegas?

There are many options for skin tag removal on your hands, two of which are the most commonly used. Dr. Williams specializes in the following methods of skin tag removal in Henderson:

  • Freeze skin tag with liquid nitrogen then remove
  • Use anesthetic to surgically remove skin tag

To see which method is right for you, call and schedule your initial skin tag removal consultation.

How Much Does Skin Tag Removal Cost in Sunrise Manor?

The cost for your skin tag removal will depend on the method used and the amount of skin tags you have. Call today to schedule your skin tag removal consultation in Spring Valley to discuss pricing, financing and any other questions you may have.